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englands-flagga.pngWelcome to my website!

My name is Glenn Nilsson and live in Trelleborg in southern Skåne together with my partner Catarina, a dog, two Norwegian forest cats and a parrot.

Here at home, I will put pictures of jewelry that I have made of silver.All my jewelry is only made in one copy and is designed and handmade by me. I use a lot of ornamentation, as well as to cut into patterns in my jewelry.

I want the person buying a piece of jewelry for me to feel that their particular piece of jewelry is unique and only found in one sample.

Some time ago, so I completed a course that I for a long time has gone on, but otherwise I am self taught.I beginning it was small cautious steps I began my career in silversmithing, but recently it has courage increased and I manufactures are now more sophisticated jewelry.

It's fun if you want to come out my photos and posts, and even more fun if you would like to buy or order jewelry.

Hope attt you look in here regularly going forward and once again welcome here.

/ / Glenn

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Silversmide-silversmithing jewelry-Glenn Nilsson SwedenSilversmide-silversmithing jewelry-Glenn Nilsson Sweden
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